Under Pressure

When you eat popcorn, have you ever thought about the process each piece of kernel took before it developed into a tasty salty piece of cloud? (or sweet, whatever you prefer…) Well I have, ‘cos I’m cool.


Can’t lie I actually googled it. Procrastination comes in all shapes and research facilities.
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One Man Partaayy


You’ve got 3 youngish children and you’ve made the brave decision to take everybody out shopping in Central London for a lovely little family day. In fact let’s name them. Jim, Tim anddddd Mary. Continue reading “One Man Partaayy”


A thought really hit me the other day. I’ve always known it to be honest but you know when you really sit back and reflect on something and think wowwww. For me it was just that,

people talk

Toooooo much. The use of ‘too’ referring to the fact that there’s a theoretical quota we’ve been given that has been exceeded. Like when you’ve used too much data or put too much salt in your egg- it’s not a good thing.
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Spiritual wisdom. How does it work? How do you genuinely acquire it? Not just the knowledge of what it is but, the ability to use it in your life? Unlike education, there’s no textbook we can idly memorise for this. There’s no exam to be taken to prove we’ve been successful. Most importantly, there’s no guarantee that the longer we study it, the more knowledgeable we’ll become.

It’s possible to spend time with God and still not know Him.
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Do I Look Fat In This?

I personally feel like if God thought our physical appearance was so important for us to be aware of then mirrors would be a part of human nature. Fixed into the sky by force and created on the 7th day instead of Him resting.

But everything was good.

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I Don’t Get God

You’re going through a difficult time and everyone around you is saying you should pray about it. Is it just me but sometimes I feel like yeah yeah I’ll pray like yeah yeah thanks but…is there any PRACTICAL solution I can physically implement here…?

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The Third Wheel

I feel like the ‘juicy’ topics these days, especially for us youth are all the ones to do with raves/music/drinking and boys/girls, relationships/marriage etc etc which let me clarify are very important things to understand concerning the Christian lifestyle. There seems to be however a lot of blurred lines within these topics (unfortunately) and as interesting as the debates can get, we can lose sight of the real issue.

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