Spiritual wisdom. How does it work? How do you genuinely acquire it? Not just the knowledge of what it is but, the ability to use it in your life? Unlike education, there’s no textbook we can idly memorise for this. There’s no exam to be taken to prove we’ve been successful. Most importantly, there’s no guarantee that the longer we study it, the more knowledgeable we’ll become.

It’s possible to spend time with God and still not know Him.

To be a committed member of your church and still not be able to have a mature conversation about the word of God with other people. When Paul was ministering to the corrupt Corinthian church, some Christians couldn’t understand him. He was speaking pure wisdom and it sounded like foolishness to them because they were not spiritually mature. They had been going to church but had remained stagnant.

The metaphor used in Hebrews is that they were still drinking milk when they should be at the stage of chewing meat. Instead of being able to independently digest the solid truths of the Word, they were still at the stage of needing assistance to gulp down simple liquids. Like a new born. Like an inexperienced human being. Instead of now being in a position to minister and lead others they were still at the point of not understanding the basic and simple terms that Paul was using to explain the Word of God.

Don’t let this be you.

Don’t be someone who can quote scriptures confidently, goes to church regularly, knows all the Bible stories and characters and is surrounded by Christians most of the time but still doesn’t have wisdom. I’m pretty sure the devil knows the Bible too, makes a regular appearance in churches and knows of everyone in the Bible ‘cos…he was there. These things don’t give you an edge. This is default knowledge that you should inevitably come to know when you decide to follow Jesus. As a Christian, you should want to read the Bible regularly and want to be in frequent fellowship with other Christians. There’s nothing to be congratulated about that.

People reach a certain stage in their lives and become complacent with God. He becomes replaced with gym and cliff-hanging TV series because their knowledge of Him is by their standards, pretty solid. God is good all the time and He sent His Son down to die for us. They know the stories. They know the general gist. They like Proverbs and in the beginning everything was good. They know this. There becomes no growth.

‘Though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first principles of God’ (Hebrews 5:12)

You need someone to teach you again.

This verse is highlighting the fact that you’ve already been told.

So you know.

It’s just that nothing has been done about it.


I titled my blog MeatFeast based on this message in Hebrews. Babies need milk due to their immaturity to chew on solid foods. Meat is for those who have grown and developed and can now hold their own heads up. To grow spiritually we need to feed on God’s word, digest the harsh truths and excrete the waste. It’s not everyone that can face reality but the Bible has no filter. You either come to know now or regret your lack of knowledge when it’s too late. Make it a priority to continuously grow. Not just in age but in spiritual maturity.The milk you’ve been drinking from has expired. There’s only meat on this menu and it needs to be well done.