A thought really hit me the other day. I’ve always known it to be honest but you know when you really sit back and reflect on something and think wowwww. For me it was just that,

people talk

Toooooo much. The use of ‘too’ referring to the fact that there’s a theoretical quota we’ve been given that has been exceeded. Like when you’ve used too much data or put too much salt in your egg- it’s not a good thing.

I’ll be scrolling through Twitter and I’d say there’s probably 1 in 37 tweets that I come across that I think…okay yeah that’s relevant. I’m glad I saw that. Lord Sugar discussing the referendum or a motivational quote from JDfitness. The rest of the stuff? ‘omg it’s raining and I forgot my coat’, ‘I hate when guys try to talk to me and…’ k thanks? I’m not even complaining here by the way, this is just an observation. A factual one though let’s not lie. An innovative social media platform has been created for you to literally say whatEVERRR you want to the World. It’s given us the opportunity to easily communicate to people on an international scale and this is what we’re doing? Holding poll votes on which is better- Ghanaian or Nigerian jollof rice?

No wonder Twitter limits us to 140 characters. Even Snapchat after 10 seconds that’s it guys wrap it up wrap it up. Imagine if we had the freedom? (Except we kind of do because look at how we can accumulate snaps to make films on Snapchat or keep replying to ourselves on Twitter to make a long thread. We can even create blogs and write endless posts to discuss all this stuff)

*awkward side glance*

The point of this post is that sometimes we just need to shut up. Okay that was harsh…but necessary. Subtle hints don’t get things done. Your manager asks ‘if you could please try and maybe when you can perhaps possibly…’- No I won’t then. And you don’t seem to really want me to either. The message of this post is as clear as the terms I’m using.

Shut Up.

Complete and utter silence (hence the lack of a title for this post to reinforce the theme of… not saying stuff).There’s too much noise in this world and not enough silence. Nobody is listening but everyone wants to be heard. God created silent things first and He doesn’t make mistakes. I always say this. Look at the way He created this World.


It’s as though He knew the disruption that was coming. Spent a couple days creating the sun and the moon and the stars and oh now let’s add some trees and oh what should I call this plant I mean… He was really stalling. Enjoying His peace.

Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10)

This is my favourite verse. Short and simple but its meaning can provoke hours of thought. One of those low key generic verses that you might not pay real attention to. It’s telling you to stop moving, something people can find hard to do these days. Busy busy busy with work and studying then gym then  friend’s house then TV show, need to eat quickly, music concert, business ventures etc etc. There’s always going to be something that needs to be done. This verses calls us to ‘Be still’. In that silence, we must not worry, we must not cry out our problems, we must not bring our requests, we must do nothing but simply reflect on how God is God.


Life is like a set of headphones (yeah I just made this up, bare with)- it covers our ears as we listen to the events of this World, filling our minds with what’s going on around as. The beat dropping are the significant plot twists in our lives that give us either crazy head bopping excitement or moments of deep thought where we delve into our feelings.

How do we hear God within all this chaos? It’s like when your Mum is maybe calling you from downstairs but you don’t know for sure. Or you think you hear the doorbell but it could have also been the background instrument you’re listening to on an album. That hint of laziness to actually go and check along with the constant distraction from your noisy surroundings stops you from finding out if and what you were called for, potentially missing an instruction of what to do, an important delivery that was supposed to be for you.
Practical advice from this post I’d say would be to dedicate even if it’s just 5 minutes a day to being still in God’s presence. I call this ‘Caveman Time’ – no phone no technology no anything. Your life on hold, to answer God’s call.