You’ve got 3 youngish children and you’ve made the brave decision to take everybody out shopping in Central London for a lovely little family day. In fact let’s name them. Jim, Tim anddddd Mary. You’re all currently in the toy store helping Jim decide if he wants Buzz LightYear or Action Man (you said he’s only getting one after the way he behaved in the car on the-) Hold on. Where’s Tim? Whereeee has Timothy gone? You suddenly realise he hasn’t been doing that annoying whistling thing he does for the past 5 minutes and now that you think about it, was he even with you when you entered the shop?

But it’s fine. So he’s gone missing. You’ve still got 2 other children. Isn’t that why you had more than one? Spare children in case one of them got lost? Jim breaks a leg it doesn’t matter as long as Mary’s legs are fine? Course not. They’re all individually named. They’ve all got individual traits. Your relationship with each one is different and Jim and Mary’s presence (as sweet as they are) does not compensate for Tim’s absence. At this present moment in time you’re not celebrating the fact that you can still see Mary. You’re worried that you can’t see Tim.

That’s how God sees us. We’re all His children and He knows us all individually. To the point where when one of us is ‘lost’, it matters.  Jesus explains how a shepherd with 100 sheep will still leave his flock to go and find the one that is missing. A woman with 10 silver coins will still search her whole house if she wakes up one day and one of them has disappeared.

The Bible says that if just one person repents to God, there is MORE joy in heaven than over the already righteous people in the World who need no repentance. Sometimes we can compare ourselves to others and feel inferior. That friend that prays more…that friend that can easily incorporate scriptures into conversation. It’s not about that. God is happy with the children that follow Him of course but when you come to Him in repentance, when you come back to Him after falling astray, it warms His heart more. Celebrations up in Heaven just for you.


The beginning of Paraphrased Parables:
Parables that are paraphrased (I know – plot twist)

Text: Luke 15:1-10- The parable of the lost sheep and the lost coin