Sitting here for a while thinking of what to say but I actually can’t think and I have work tomorrow nice and early BUTT i want to write this before bed so i’m literally just typing as it comes. You’re reading undigested thoughts from my brain right now honestly. La la laaaaa what can i sayyyy do re mi fa so la na who watched the Euros? Okay no seriously.

21 year old student, female (not that that’s releva..) and writing a blog was one of the things on my ‘justdoit’ list. It’s nothing dangerously adventurous but you know, baby steps. Blog today…skydiving tomorrow never.

MAIN thing is that I’m a Christian so that makes up the identity of this blog. As I learn stuff I share it in a hopefully reader friendly way. Why is it called MeatFeast? ‘cos I’m creative and eccentric (and every other normal domain name is unavailable 🙂 ). I actually discuss the reason behind the name in my post ‘Mr. Luke Warm’ though so check that out if the name is really bothering you, it’s under ‘IMAGE’ in the ‘THEMES’ menu (promoting myself, lol.)

And also generally the other posts you should check out too (promoting again, lol)

Feedback is always welcome!

Thank you!